Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Categories For Military Discount Flights Or Space Availability Flights

The military, navy and army officers of the countries around the world are given the privilege to travel around the world at a cheap rate for the services they offer to their nation 24 hours. The military discount flights are available nearly by all the flight owners. Not only they are given discounts on the flights tickets but also on other transport facilities, hotel booking, amusement parks, concerts, etc.

But the discounted seats are not randomly distributed. There is also a process to allot the seats. The registration process carries an important phase to categories yourself while applying for the military discounts. The six categories are as below:

• The first category includes the people who are travelling for any emergency related to the health of the officer or his family members. The travelling officer can nominate himself or herself for this category if his travelling purpose is the illness or death of his family members or else ge himself is ill with any serious problem.

• The second category is the environmental morale leave. The sponsors of the environmental or morale leave can opt for this kind of leave. But make sure you do not count the ordinary leave in this category. Also the teachers of the dependent school and their families can apply if this category.

• The third category is that of the ordinary leave applicators. The members of the uniformed service providers can apply in this category along with their bonafide. Only the members with the uniform can apply to this category. This category is widely used for overseas travelling purpose. 

• The fourth category is filled by the members of the dependent EML for military flights Discount. The category can be filled by only the members of the military people who are adults that is 18 and above. If the form is filled by the name of a minor, he/she must be accompanied by an adult. 

• The fifth category includes the military men or women who are on permissive temporary duty or are students related to the same. Also the dependents of the uniformed service members who are 18 and above can apply in this category for the discounted prices. But for this they must also have a document signed by the commander to verify the command sponsorship.

• The last category includes the retired staff of the military, navy and army along with their families who have the identity cards. The retired staff of the national guards, reserved components and the standby reserves are included in thus active list. Also the retired officers who have started receiving their retired pay are listed in this category.

The primary step of categorizing for the military discount flights is to be filled with proper details to avoid any problems while travelling and gaining appropriate discounts.

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