Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Space Available Seats For The Armed Forces

The military, navy and other armed forces around the world in each country have a special benefit for travelling provided by the flights companies for their dedicated services towards the country. This benefit is known as cheap plane tickets for military. In this system, the military service men and women are allowed a fixed amount of discount for ticket bookings for themselves as well as their families and spouse.

In this flight booking process, a special process of space available Seats, popularly known as Space A seats is much familiar for travel packages. In every military flight, a special seat is reserved for the military service men and women, their families and spouse, retired officers etc. This seat is given on a priority basis to the military people who have applied for it. 

But there are a few things to know before you avail for the space A seats.

• The foremost thing you should check is that whether you are eligible for that seat or not. For this, there is a category of 6 different designations. You can apply for this seat if you are service members, retired service person, certain DoD employees and their eligible family members etc. The guards and reserved service person can avail for this benefit if they are applying for leaves for any Environmental and Morale Leave or when their service member is deployed for more than 120 days.

• The registration process and rules and regulations for all the officers differ from terminal to terminal. Hence you need to make sure before you register which terminal are you willing to travel from. Also go through the various regulations of that terminal before you apply for space A seats.

• Generally the flights arrival and departure details are shown online or on the airport charts or also through the announcements. But this is not done in the case of military flights. In order to get information about the flight, you need to call at the passenger table or desk and ask your queries. The reason behind such decision is for security purposes.

• The travelling through Space A seats, the journey is cost free. But you might need to pay a minimum amount under some circumstances. Suppose of you are travelling with space A seats to an international destination, you need to pay tax at the departure counter. Also few contracted flights charge some amount for such seats. Some flights do not provide meal facilities. Hence you need to buy yourself some meal.

The cheap plane tickets for military has given space A seats benefit specially for the retired military officers to give them a comfortable journey for tours and also to service officers for emergency travelling.

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